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    Stanley Introduces IntelliSensor® Stud Sensor
    Pocket Size Stud Sensor Detects Wood and Metal with Accuracy

    SUMMARY: Stanley introduces the IntelliSensor® Stud Sensor, a portable and durable stud sensor that locates the edges of studs or joists through drywall, plywood and other common materials. The stud sensor has an automatic calibration switch enabling the user to calibrate the tool to the wall within seconds. Pocket size for easy storage, the sensor comes with non-marring velvet pads on the back of its high-impact casing for shock absorption. A (LED) display visually informs the user of the proximity of the stud or joist edge at a maximum depth of ¾”. Once the edge of the stud is found, an audio buzzer indicates detection.

    Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21, 2003 – Stanley (NYSE: SWK) introduces a new product that should be tucked inside the pocket of every professional and do-it-yourselfer, the Stanley® IntelliSensor® Stud Sensor. This innovative stud sensor detects studs and joists through up to ¾” of drywall and other common wall materials. With a pocket sized, ergonomic shape and durable high impact design, the sensor is both comfortable and dependable. The IntelliSensor® Stud Sensor is the newest addition to Stanley’s IntelliTools™ line of electronic products which includes the IntelliTools™ Digiscan, IntelliSensor Plus™and IntelliSensor® Pro stud sensors.

    “The IntelliSensor® stud sensor has a high impact ABS case because these tools are often dropped and need to be durable,” said Gilles Argivier, Global Product Line Manager for Stanley® Layout Tools. “Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you want to depend on a tool to work quickly and accurately which is why we have a precise scan function.”

    The IntelliSensor® stud sensor features automatic calibration, enabling the user to calibrate within seconds. The stud sensor uses electronic audio and visual signals once the edge of the stud has been found. The IntelliSensor® stud sensor requires a 9-volt battery and has an automatic shut-off feature for longer battery life.

    The stud sensor’s scan function allows users to detect any drywall and other common wall materials. The sensor enables the users to locate studs within +/- 1/8”accuracy of wood studs and within +/- ¼” metal studs.

    The IntelliSensor® Stud Sensor is available at hardware stores and home centers wherever Stanley® products are sold. The suggested retail price is $19.99.

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