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    Professional Hammer Swingers Feel the Difference of
    the Stanley FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer
    Patented Tuning Fork Technology Combined
    with New Torsion Control Grips

    SUMMARY: The Stanley Works launches its new FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer combining its patented AntiVibe® tuning fork technology with a new grip design that reduces torque by more than 30 percent. The new torsion control grip features 24 torque-stabilizing bars molded into a shock-dampening core reducing the effects of torque on wrists and elbows. In addition to the added features in the grip, the new hammer design is precision balanced and incorporates a magnetic nail starter for one-handed operation and extended reach.

    New Britain, CT., November 6, 2006 – The Stanley Works (NYSE: SWK) is proud to unveil the FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer, the next generation in hammers designed specifically to ease the trauma associated with prolonged use. Though Stanley hammers have incorporated vibration dampening technology for almost a decade, new research has shown that torque — the rotational force that occurs when striking a nail off-center — actually causes as much strain on muscles and tendons as vibration when transferred into a user’s arm, wrist, and elbow. The new FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer is designed to reduce both torque and vibration delivering a hammer that allows you to feel the difference!

    The FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer’s handle is specifically designed to absorb the rotational force that results from an off-center strike. It is equipped with 24 torque stabilizing bars molded into a shock-dampening inner core. This patent pending design, in conjunction with the AntiVibe® tuning fork, helps reduce the effects of torque on wrists and elbows while limiting the amount of vibration that is transferred from the hammer into the end user’s arm.

    “Stanley has been at the leading edge of hammer development since the inception of the first AntiVibe® design in 1997,” says Christopher Woolley, Stanley’s Global Product Manager for striking and struck tools. “By continuing to execute end user research and incorporating our findings into our tool designs, we’ve taken our commitment to preventing end user injury to an even higher level.”

    On the handle’s exterior, the patented, diamond-pattern texture provides additional traction and durability while creating a unique feel in the hands of users. Stanley’s research has shown that users rate this “feel” as the most important feature when selecting a hammer.

    In addition to the added features in the torsion control grip, the new computer aided design (CAD) delivers a precision balance, while the machined magnetic nail starter allows one-handed operation and extended reach.

    The STANLEY® FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer will be available in September 2006 in hardware stores, home centers and wherever Stanley products are sold. The FatMax® Xtreme™ AntiVibe® Hammer is available in 16 and 20 oz. nail hammers with curve or rip claws as well as 20-, 22-, 24- and 28-oz. framing hammers in either a checker or smooth face configuration.

    The suggested retail prices range from $19.90 to $34.90.

    The Stanley Works (NYSE: "SWK") is a worldwide supplier of consumer products, industrial tools and security solutions. Consumer products include hand tools, mechanics tools, tool storage, and hardware. Industrial tools include fastening systems, industrial mechanics tools and tool storage, auto assembly tools, storage systems, professional laser measuring and leveling tools and hydraulic attachments. Security Solutions includes the integration and supplying of security systems and access control solutions, including automatic door and locking systems for commercial applications. The Stanley Works utilizes the Stanley Fulfillment System, its proprietary comprehensive continuous improvement program, to achieve total satisfaction wherever our processes touch our customers.

    Our innovative Consumer and Industrial products help people utilize their skills, express their creativity and realize their visions on work sites around the globe. Brand names include Stanley®, FatMax®, Husky®, Goldblatt®, Bostitch®, Jensen®, Mac®, Proto®, La Bounty®, Vidmar®, CST®, David White® and ZAG®. Our Security Solutions brands include Stanley®, Best®, Blick® and Frisco Bay®.

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