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    Stanley Introduces the Stanley® PowerLock® 25’ Tape Rule with Blade Armor™ Coating
    New PowerLock® 25’ Tape Rule, Reinforced with BladeArmor™ Coating, offers maximum durability and reduced blade breakage

    SUMMARY: Stanley introduces the PowerLock™ 25’ Tape Rule with BladeArmor™ Coating, a patented industrial thermoplastic coating designed to reduce breakage during uncontrolled retractions. The new tape rule features a one inch blade width with BladeArmor™ coating applied to the first six inches of the tape rule. This is where 90-percent of blade breakage occurs on traditional tape rules.

    Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21, 2003 – Stanley (NYSE: SWK) introduces the Stanley® PowerLock® 25’ Tape Rule with BladeArmor™ Coating, a patented 3M industrial thermoplastic coating that helps prevent tapes from breaking during uncontrolled retractions. The BladeArmor™ coating is applied to the first six inches of the tape rule, where Stanley research shows 90-percent of traditional tape rule breakage occurs. BladeArmor™ coating is an exceptionally strong, flexible, durable film that reduces tape breakage by two times. In fact BladeArmor™ coating is so durable, The United States military uses it to protect aircraft parts such as the rotor blades on Sikorsky® BLACK HAWK helicopters.

    “The Stanley® PowerLock® Tape Rule is one of the most popular tape rules on jobsites around the globe as a result of its legendary durability, reliability and accuracy,” said Miguel Nistal, Vice President Hand Tools. “With the addition of Blade Armor™, the new PowerLock® Tape Rule should endear itself to another generation of satisfied users.”

    The tape is housed in a rounded, compact chrome-plated casing that is 10-percent smaller than the previous Stanley® PowerLock® Tape Rule. For greater durability and convenience, the case features a protective wearplate to prevent the case from being cut by the blade. A belt clip on the back of the case helps keep users from leaving the tape in areas where it can be easily broken or stolen. The forward lock provides easy blade locking and unlocking for accurate measurement. When the forward lock is pushed down and locked, the tape rule will not retract unless the user unlocks the lock, allowing the tape to retract freely.

    The Stanley® PowerLock® 25’ Tape Rule reinforced with BladeArmor™ Coating is available in hardware stores and home centers wherever Stanley® products are sold. The suggested retail price is $14.99.

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