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    Catalog Part Description
    14-019 3-Piece Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-206 FatMax Xtreme® Aviation Snips
    14-207 FATMAX® Aviation Snips
    14-208 FATMAX® Aviation Snips
    14-376 18" Forged Handle Bolt Cutter
    14-556 10" Stanley® All-Purpose Straight Pattern Snips
    14-558 12" Stanley® Straight Pattern Snips
    14-559 3-Piece FATMAX® Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-562 FATMAX®Left Curve Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-563 FATMAX® Straight Cut Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-564 FATMAX® Right Curve Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-566 FATMAX® Long Cut Straight Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-567 FATMAX® Offset Left Curve Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-568 FATMAX® Offset Right Curve Compound Action Aviation Snips
    14-569 7" Stanley® All-Purpose Snips Straight Pattern
    FMHT73557 FATMAX® Right Cut Aviation Snips
    FMHT73558 FATMAX® 3-Piece Aviation Snip Set
    FMHT73559 FATMAX® Offset Left Cut Snips
    FMHT73560 FATMAX® Offset Right Cut Snips
    FMHT73561 FATMAX® Straight Long Nose Snip
    FMHT73562 FATMAX® Straight Cut Bulldog Snips
    FMHT73563 FATMAX® Multipurpose Snips
    FMHT73564 FATMAX® Offset Long Nose Snips
    FMHT73571 FATMAX® All-Purpose Tin Snips
    FMHT73755 FATMAX® Left Cut Aviation Snips
    FMHT73756 FATMAX® Straight Cut Aviation Snips
    FMHT73992 FATMAX® Tin Snips
    FMHT73993 FATMAX® Duckbill Tin Snips
    STHT14102 9.5" All-Purpose Shears
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