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66-011 - 1/4" 100 PLUS® Screwdriver - Round
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; 100 PLUS®
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Features and Benefits
  • Full size handles
  • Alloy steel blade
  • Precision ground tip
  • Chrome plated for corrosion resistance
Product Details
Length 10-1/4"
Blade Diameter 1/4
Blade Length 6
Tip Width 1/4
  • Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes
  • Never use a screwdriver for prying, punching, chiseling or scraping
  • Screwdriver handles and cushion grips on pliers are not intended to act as insulation. Do not use on live electrical circuits
  • Never extend the length of pliers handles to gain greater leverage – breakage could result
  • Keep tools clean to prevent slippage and possible injury
  • Never expose tools to excessive heat. This could alter the temper and ruin the tool
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